My Story

My name is Emily Abbott. I grew up on a ranch in southern Alberta building fence line, planting trees, digging trenches and completing all kinds of make-work projects my father came up with. The weekends were made for chores but the weekdays were meant for sports. From a very young age I participated in every sport imaginable leading up to my final year of high school. Ultimately I chose to play basketball at the University of Windsor where we won a couple CIS National Championships (Canada).

Post-graduation with a Bachelor of Arts I went traveling to Europe, New Zealand and Indonesia. During this time I was exposed to Crossfit. My body was built for this sport; I was a natural. After a vicious bout with dengue fever, I realized how precious and fragile my body was and it became apparent to me that squandering my abilities was wasteful. As I recovered from the illness I knew that I had to throw myself into the growing sport. Four Crossfit Games appearances later, with 8th Fittest in the World being my best finish, I had accomplished what I set out to do and then some. 

Even though I achieved my dreams I found myself unsettled, unsure and in search of something more. 

Psychedelic Gypsy Fitness is the product of searching for meaning beyond the gym, my body and my perceived identity. I believe fitness can be the catalyst to spirituality; to become acquainted with one’s soul and to find compassion for oneself in the darkest of times. I urge you to join me, Kings and Queens, on a psychedelic journey of self-transcendence and owning not only our physical gifts, but our inherent and divine life-force.



The Psychedelic Gypsy Queen





Program Director Jenn Swagar 


Our fearless Programmer Goddess Jenn Swagar!


Who is Jenn Swagar?

I met Jenn early in the Crossfit scene in Calgary, Alberta back in 2014. I was struck by her realness, her no bullshit approach to fitness and her depth of knowledge in the field of movement correctives and coaching.

Jenn coached field hockey at the University level and was CIS (Canadian Inter University Sport) Coach of the Year in 2011. She has over 30 years coaching experience of all age athletes with a Master’s degree in coaching from the University of Ohio. Jenn is a Chartered Professional Coach (CAC) and a corrective exercise fitness specialist (NASM)

It wasn’t until 2016 that I began to work with Jenn at Most Physical Preparation - a multidisciplinary clinic and gym owned by her and her husband Dave. Jenn showed me a totally different approach to training. A holistic coaching approach beginning with a greater purpose for the athlete and the coach: to grow spiritually, mentally and physical- together.

Not only did I learn how to move and train properly I learned how to give back to my community, to prioritize family over fitness and take time to build my mental faculties. Jenn changed my life.

And so I believe her programming will change yours. Our combination of spirituality and physicality will be sure to enlighten you on your precious journey.